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Brrrr. Protect yourself from the cold this winter with this winner of the Fur Designers Award in Montreal.

This coat was given to me as a gift – and now it can be yours.

While touring Canada, I starred in a play in Regina, Saskatchewan and Edmonton, Alberta. I was given this beautiful fur coat that winter as it was more than 20 degrees below zero. However, in sunny Southern California there is no need… and I hope this will be a wonderful surprise for someone at Christmas, Valentines Day, or for no particular holiday.

This luxurious size 6/8 full length coat has an unusual and unique design. It has hidden hook closures and a beautiful detachable hood. My name is embroidered in the lining.

I remember this coat as being Tanuki fur. Pictures of this coat were submitted to the Fur Council of Canada, and here is their reply to my query: “We can tell you that it appears to be a tanuki-dyed raccoon coat with sheared beaver inserts.” Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous!

Nearly one of a kind, I believe only 13 coats of this beautiful design were made and distributed, one to each Province and Territory in Canada.

You will receive a signed COA.  Hardly worn. Kept in cold storage. Excellent condition.   I’d surely keep it if I did not live in Southern California.

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