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Dawn Wells

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Dawn Wells Today

Appearance Calendar
Appearance Calendar

……. February 23, 2019 Pomona, CA Hall Of Fame Sports Autograph Show   10AM-4PM Los [read more]

Dawn Appearing In Steel Magnolias
Dawn Appearing In Steel Magnolias

I will be appearing on stage in Pinehurst, NC in a production of Steel [read more]

S.S. Minnow in Vancouver
S.S. Minnow in Vancouver

Its back to the S.S. Minnow at the Vancouver, Canada, Boat Show, January 22-23. [read more]


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Fun Fun Fun. I'm going to see right back and hear a tale. MeTV has Gilligan's Island on! I wonder how many times you'll see me rub my nose? It was my way of telling my mother while on camera that I loved her. Happy Mother's Day! ...

Awwww. My college years. Just wanted to give you some dates to remember.
May 25 - Garden Grove CA, Strawberry Festival, I'll be Grand Marshall in the parade! ..and signing for 3 hours after.
May 30, 31 - Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort and Hotel
Worley, ID.
June 21-23 - Sydney Australia, Supernova Autograph show.
June 21-23 - Sydney Australia, Supernova Autograph show.
June 28-30 - Perth Australia, Supernova Autograph show.
August 24-25 - Knoxville TN, Bubba Fest

Sharing more home videos. It was a great experience on The Invaders with Roy Thinnes. My friend Andrew Prine was also in this episode. We also worked together in The Town that Dreaded Sundown and some other projects that escape me at the moment. Have a great weekend! ...

Jim Backus, true to his character Mr. Howell, always knew how to make an extra dollar. He would watch the time and when it got close to the end of the 12 hour day, he would take a bathroom break and throw us into overtime. ... And we welcomed him back to set with a smile. 🙂
Have a great weekend and keep smiling!

I want to thank you for the Easter greetings. Where does the time go? Almost another week gone. I have been going through fan letters and messages. I read all my "snail" mail and sometimes you may be surprised with a return note on your letter like this one. (anything that is solicitation or asking for something, management removes before given to me)
Thanks to those who enjoyed my recent post showing a home movie clip of Gilligan's Island. I'll see what other clips I can share 🙂 Have a great evening!


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